Teamcenter® software’s complete product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for aerospace and defense addresses the industry’s need to pursue and execute programs that deliver highly engineered products against rigorously stated contract commitments and performance requirements. Teamcenter’s configurable solution incorporates best practices that increase your PLM investment’s time to value and enable your extended value chain to effectively collaborate in globally integrated delivery programs.

Teamcenter® enables partners, subcontractors, suppliers and customers to collaborate effectively in design-anywhere, build-anywhere and support-anywhere program initiatives – without requiring special user training.

Teamcenter’s solution for aerospace and defense (A&D) provides a set of PLM capabilities tailored to the program-oriented needs of A&D companies, enabling you to:

  • Develop complex products that deliver high levels of performance
  • Support lengthy lifecycles that require products to be planned, developed, manufactured and maintained over many years or decades
  • Execute complex development programs that require the integrated participation of partners, suppliers and customers
  • Adhere to program requirements in accordance with the accepted principles of configuration and change management
  • Comply with contractual commitments for document delivery, archival, audit and reporting
  • Protect intellectual property and national security interests while promoting collaboration
  • Capture and institutionalize best practices, workforce experience and knowledge for future use


  • Single source of product data
  • Multi-CAD data management
  • Support for popular mechanical (MCAD) and electronic (ECAD) tools
  • Intelligent part numbering
  • Data exchange Document management
  • Simple process management
  • Preconfigured roles and functionality
  • CAD-neutral visualization
  • Collaborative design review tools
  • Codeless configuration


  • Simple and fast to install, set up and deploy
  • Essential PDM capabilities available immediately
  • Minimal IT expertise to operate and support
  • Realize benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment
  • Start with PDM and grow to PLM

Business challenges

A&D companies face a particularly difficult set of issues as their industry moves to a highly competitive multi-national enterprise model. With fewer programs, an aging workforce and more regulations including today’s “green initiatives,” A&D companies increasingly participate in globally integrated program teams that execute complex planning, product development, manufacturing and sustainment processes. To meet these challenges, A&D companies like yours need to improve program pursuit and execution, establish global program teams and achieve operational program excellence by reducing your total cost of ownership.

Teamcenter’s A&D capabilities

Teamcenter’s A&D solution provides industry-specific functionality that reflects best practices derived from the world’s top aerospace system integrators and their suppliers and partners. These best practices ensure the quick application of Teamcenter® capabilities to your program lifecycle with a configurable solution that accelerates your PLM investment’s “time to value.” Teamcenter® enables your company to participate as a prime contractor, or with multiple prime contractors, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and customers, in globally integrated programs.

You can use the Teamcenter solution to share program and product information in accordance with security-related entitlements, while facilitating collaboration during every stage of the program lifecycle. Teamcenter’s web-native technology lets you assemble teams based on their talent and experience without regard to physical residence – enabling you to pursue, win and support global programs. Equally important, you can leverage Teamcenter to capture intellectual assets from diverse application systems and earlier A&D programs, as well as from every participant in your program teams in support of future pursuits.

Managing the program lifecycle and its data By managing product definition data, program requirements, deliverable schedules and their related changes in a single web-centric environment, Teamcenter® enables you to execute your program and product related delivery and support activities as cost effectively as possible. A&D companies are measured by their ability to execute against complex system and contract requirements. Customer satisfaction and future business depends upon your ability to deliver quality products.

Successful execution requires you to effectively streamline processes performed in all of the stages in your programlifecycle – from pursuit and requirements planning to program decommission.Entitled participants across your entire program lifecycle have to be able to access and share the intellectual assets they need to perform their assignments.

Teamcenter® provides globally dispersed program teams with a single source of program information that can include a program’s pursuit strategies, contracts, schedules, technical documents, baselines, change proposals, change orders, change impacts, correspondence, actions items, audits, submittals, contract data requirement lists (CDRLs) and subcontract data requirement lists (SDRLs). This single source establishes consistent, program-specific business processes that ensure contract and security compliance and institutionalize best practices and workforce experience.

Teamcenter® enables partners, subcontractors, suppliers and customers to collaborate effectively in design-anywhere, build-anywhere and support-anywhere program initiatives – without requiring special user training.

Ensuring program security Today’s demanding economic and geopolitical climate requires that A&D companies optimize their program lifecycles using mission-critical solutions that engender absolute trust. Teamcenter’s A&D solution protects your product and process knowledge through a security model that enforces legal boundaries between the integrated information that you capture from different application systems in your extended enterprise and from virtual teams members in accordance with security standards like the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Reducing total cost of ownership Many A&D companies are looking for ways to reduce the total cost of ownership for their business infrastructure and programs. That means reducing the number of systems needed to support their enterprise. Many companies maintain multiple mission-critical systems to pursue and execute A&D programs. Teamcenter® minimizes your operational costs by allowing you to perform multiple industryspecific functions in a single commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution, including:

  • Configuration management
  • BOM management
  • Change management
  • Document and content management
  • CDRL/SDRL data management

Just as importantly, you can perform these functions in accordance with industry and international standards, such as MIL-STD-973, MIL-STD-2549, EIA/IS-649 and EIA/IS-836, PLCS (ISO 10303 STEP AP 239) and other conventions.

Providing unsurpassed flexibility and scalability Teamcenter® has been proven on the largest of A&D programs while scaling from small programs to enterprise-level global programs. Teamcenter® excels at managing tens of thousands of knowledge users who need product information from scores of different application systems. Teamcenter’s A&D solution supports a configurable, distributable environment, whose performance can be tuned to meet demanding requirements and effectively utilize available resources.

You can extend Teamcenter’s A&D solution with other domain-specific Teamcenter® capabilities including its systems engineering, requirements management, simulation management, manufacturing process management, digital mockup, technical publications and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) functionality. You can incorporate these capabilities into a unified A&D solution to reduce bottlenecks and handoffs that impact quality, total cost of ownership, cycle time and collaboration.