With Teamcenter® Rapid Start, you can start with what you need now and grow over time. Once you have Teamcenter® Rapid Start up and running, you can add on Teamcenter® capabilities as you need them. You can follow the proven Teamcenter® path to PLM success, targeting key areas of your business to optimize performance.

The Teamcenter® software Rapid Start configuration delivers the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution, Teamcenter®, preconfigured to leverage common best practices and the expertise of Siemens PLM Software. The Rapid Start configuration gets you up and running with PDM quickly and cost-effectively. By choosing preconfigured capabilities, you can minimize the costs of consulting and maintenance, allowing you to immediately realize the benefits of PDM with confidence that you have a growth path to product lifecycle management (PLM) when you need it.

Teamcenter® Rapid Start provides computeraided design (CAD) data management capabilities for multi-CAD, mechanical CAD (MCAD) and electronic CAD (ECAD) that enable you to effectively and efficiently manage, control and share design data across your entire design and supply chain. Supporting the most popular MCAD and ECAD tools, this environment provides a single view of your product data.

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Extend the value: Teamcenter® Extend consists of a solution portfolio that can be configured to achieve PLM vision. Once you have your engineering data and processes under control, you often want to know how PLM can improve related domains and processes. Include suppliers. Connect engineering with manufacturing and service.

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Transform your business: At this level of the PLM Maturity Model, know how PLM can take your business to the next level. You can apply these transformational solutions to your product lifecycle for a profound business impact. See how Teamcenter® can help drive your product cost, quality and sustainability initiatives, or establish a systems-driven approach to product development.

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Infrastructure as a Service provides business flexibility

Teamcenter® software is built on an open, future-proof architecture that gives you the flexibility to use your preferred technology platform and provider. Now you have the choice to implement Teamcenter® on the cloud, using an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model, which moves some or all of your PLM computing infrastructure to a 3rd party cloud service provider. This approach is part of the trend of avoiding the capital intensive practice of owning your own hardware while providing you with implementation flexibility with certified cloud IaaS partners.

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Teamcenter® from Siemens PLM software is the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution. Teamcenter® simplifies PLM by taking the guesswork out of the deployment process. We deliver a flexible portfolio of focused applications organized to allow you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in a way that makes sense for you.

Teamcenter® helps you deliver increasingly complex products to market while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations.

A robust and future-proof PLM Platform is the foundation of every Teamcenter® deployment.

Explore the PLM platform and learn about Teamcenter’s focus on usability, PLM platform capabilities, extensibility and deployability.

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Transforming the entire product development process with high-performance, integrated solutions for design, simulation and manufacturing.

NX™, the product development solution from Siemens PLM Software, delivers the advanced performance and leading-edge technologies you need to master complexity and compete globally.

Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and stream-lines the entire process.

With the broadest, most powerful and best integrated suite of applications, NX boosts productivity to help you make smarter decisions and deliver better products faster and more efficiently.

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Perpetual Licenses

Single Seat, Unlimited term licenses of any product type.

Product Tiers Available:

  • Teamcenter® Rapidstart
  • Teamcenter® Extend
  • Teamcenter® Transform
  • Teamcenter® on the Cloud
  • Teamcenter®

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