GSR Technologies Inc. is pleased to offer Teamcenter® from Siemens PLM Software, the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution. Teamcenter® simplifies PLM by taking the guesswork out of the deployment process. We deliver a flexible portfolio of focused applications organized to allow you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in a way that makes sense for you.

Start with PLM. For most of our customers, the first step on the PLM path is to take control of your product data and processes. Manage and share mechanical, electronics, software and simulation data, as well as documents and bills of materials (BOMs) in a single environment.

Extend the value. Manage requirements. Include suppliers. Connect engineering with manufacturing and service. Extend the value of PLM across the product lifecycle.

Transform your business. PLM can help you take your business to the next level. Apply transformational solutions to your product lifecycle for a profound business impact. Drive your product cost, quality and sustainability initiatives.

Build on a solid PLM platform. A common platform supports every Teamcenter® application. Among the many platform capabilities, Teamcenter® features leading-edge deployment options to get your implementation up and running quickly with the most advanced and intuitive PLM user experience available.

Teamcenter® from Siemens PLM software is the world’s most widely implemented product data management (PDM) solution. Teamcenter® simplifies PLM by taking the guesswork out of the deployment process. We deliver a flexible portfolio of focused applications organized to allow you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in a way that makes sense for you.

Teamcenter® helps you deliver increasingly complex products to market while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations.

A robust and future-proof PLM Platform is the foundation of every Teamcenter® deployment.

Explore the PLM platform and learn about Teamcenter’s focus on usability, PLM platform capabilities, extensibility and deployability.

Design and Simulation Management

Teamcenter® provides cross-domain design data management through integrations with the MCAD, ECAD, software development, and simulation tools and processes your customers’ design teams use every day. They can manage, find, share and re-use multi-domain data across geographically distributed design centers through a single, secure source of product design and simulation data. They can understand the complex relationships and dependencies between requirements and all the subsystems and design domains across all the possible configurations of the product, even as changes are introduced.

Content and Document Management

Teamcenter® brings document processes into the PLM environment, synchronizing them with product development processes and keeping content up-to-date with product changes. Teamcenter® provides automated tools to reduce the time and cost to author and publish accurate, high-quality documentation tailored by market, language, or product configuration to meet customer needs. Non-technical knowledge workers can use the advanced Microsoft Office interface to contribute to and utilize product data as well as participate in product development processes without leaving familiar applications. Technical publication users can use structured content management for SGML/XML to author reusable content components (text, 2D/3D graphics and animations) to quickly create part catalogs, user manuals, and service documentation.

Bill of Materials Management

Bill of materials management capabilities in Teamcenter® can help your customers know their products – whether they consist of 10 parts managed with basic processes and tools, or more complex products containing millions of parts, requiring more advanced tools, flexibility and scalability.
Bill of materials management capabilities in Teamcenter® enable customers to define and configure a complete BOM definition, work in context, and extend support beyond design and engineering to manage the entire life of the BOM.

Process Execution / PPPM

It’s all about effectively managing the work people do: The right work, with the right data, delivered to the right person, under the right authority to do that work, at the right time with the greatest efficiency and accuracy.

With Teamcenter®, your customers can streamline their processes and reduce cost by effectively managing the work people do. With capabilities that include simple or advanced workflows, detailed schedule execution and program management, comprehensive change management and integrated portfolio planning and execution, we provide a robust set of capabilities to support process execution.

Requirements Management

The Teamcenter® requirements management capabilities provide a systematic and repeatable solution for defining, capturing, engineering, managing and leveraging product requirements. By understanding each product in terms of its evolving customer requirements and compliance issues, Teamcenter® can build the voice of the customer directly into the product lifecycle – thereby facilitating requirements-driven design, Design for Six Sigma, systems engineering, built-in disposal/recyclability and other highly valued business initiatives.

Service Lifecycle Managemement

As product companies increase focus on aftermarket services for their customers, Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) becomes more strategic. With Teamcenter®, service lifecycle management solutions are an integral part of PLM. Teamcenter® bridges the gaps among the engineering, logistics, manufacturing, and service communities. OEMs and service providers can drive more efficient service operations with a single source of knowledge for both products and assets.

For OEMs, Teamcenter® enables them to reuse design and manufacturing data to enhance service content and incorporate service feedback to support Design for Serviceability and other product improvement initiatives. This holistic approach to the full product lifecycle helps the OEM compete successfully in the service market.

For the third party service provider, the service data management and applications allow them to efficiently execute service activities in a global marketplace through a single service platform. Using configuration-driven BOM management, Teamcenter® delivers a fully linked, full lifecycle BOM environment that includes the EBOM, SBOM (Service BOM), and Asset BOM to configure accurate information to support services.

Using Teamcenter®, companies focusing on service can manage assets, plan service, and scheduling and execute that service work in a single, scalable and open environment. They can use service knowledge managed by Teamcenter® to monitor and achieve metrics necessary for performance based service contracts such as Performance Based Logistics (PBL) or Service Level Agreements for asset availability and reliability by supporting maintenance strategies for Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), Reliability-Based Maintenance (RBM), preventative and on-demand repair.
The Teamcenter® solutions for service lifecycle management support reactive, proactive, and overhaul service business models.

Manufacturing Process Management

Teamcenter®, combined with Tecnomatix, provides customers a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data that supports lifecycle processes from engineering through production. With a fully managed, single source of knowledge for products, processes, resources and plants, customers can increase manufacturing’s influence on product innovation to drastically improve profitability, time-to-market and quality.

Supplier Integration

The Teamcenter® supplier integration solution can help your company more effectively engage with your supply chain to manage product costs. Teamcenter® provides you with a sustained, disciplined, and systematic process for reducing the total costs of externally purchased materials, goods and services while maintaining/improving levels of quality, service and technology.

By integrating your extended enterprise of customers, strategic partners, and suppliers, Teamcenter® provides you with a collaborative environment to achieve better cost management and more effective product development and manufacture. You can leverage your suppliers’ and partners’ expertise, market knowledge and available resources to drive the development of more innovative products. You can connect procurement and suppliers more closely with engineering and design teams – earlier – to make better product decisions and help manage the change process. Teamcenter® synchronizes your value chain so you can leverage your suppliers’ innovation potential as a strategic weapon in the battle for profitable growth.

Teamcenter® Quality Management

Providing visibility into critical product quality characteristics, failures/non-conformances, and resolutions to these issues, the Teamcenter® issue management and CAPA (corrective and preventive action) solution allows customers to make smarter decisions across the global, extended enterprise. This streamlines CAPA efficiency and reduces the overall cost of quality.

Product Cost Management

Whether it’s for quotation costing, purchase price analysis, or understanding the cost of a change, customers can use Teamcenter® product cost management to efficiently analyze costs and optimize resources effectively. They can make NPI investment decisions based on accurate cost estimates early in the product lifecycle. Cross-functional product teams can make smarter decisions that lead to better products – from early product planning throughout the product lifecycle – to reduce risk and increase the profitability of their products.

The product cost management solution consists of two modules. Teamcenter® product costing (formerly Perfect ProCalc) can be used as a cost engineering solution for individual departments or as a holistic enterprise solution for the optimization of cross-functional product cost management. The product costing knowledge built into Teamcenter® provides a consistent standard that significantly increases the transparency, quality and efficiency of customers’ company-wide costing processes.

In addition, Teamcenter® tool costing (formerly Perfect CalCard) provides up-to-date, reliable costing both when generating quotes and analyzing costs in the procurement of tools. Both users and makers of tools – whether it’s injection molding, die casting, cutting-stamping or other types of manufacturing tools – can make tooling cost decisions that are fully integrated within the Teamcenter® product cost management solution.

Sustainability and Environmental Compliance

Teamcenter® can help customers establish a framework for Sustainability and Design for the Environment (DfE) initiatives with a substance compliance solution to support the development of green, environmentally friendly products. Teamcenter® enables all users to quickly understand how well their product complies with specific regional environmental regulations worldwide.

Systems Engineering

The Teamcenter® solution for systems engineering provides a first-of-its-kind environment that companies can use to apply systems engineering concepts to product development. An integrated systems engineering solution, Teamcenter® links requirements management and model-driven systems design with the rest of your customer’s product and process knowledge enabling them to understand their products and systems in their entirety andoptimize the trade-offs that must be made throughout a decision-intensive product lifecycle.